Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bit by bit...putting it together!

Art isn't easy!
Every minor detail is a major decision
Have to keep things in scale
Have to hold to your vision!

So I had two brilliant ideas over the past month or so.  The first was to do a countdown of my 25 favorite musicals.  One a day until Christmas (*clearly* this one didn't happen...but I'm still going to do it somehow!) 

The other brilliant idea was that I wanted to re-read as many of the books that I read in high school over again....and actually appreciate them for the amazing reads that they are.  When you're in junior high, or high school, or even university...I feel that the concept of reading is made to be a chore -- which therefore is why most people (I think) don't enjoy reading.  I am completely the opposite.  I. LOVE. TO. READ.  But I think that there is so much emphasis on breaking it down and analyzing every little detail...I know that's what killed it for me (then again, I was always the kid who read the whole book as soon as possible and then just re-read what was assigned).

So for the new year, I am not making a resolution as I find those just set you up for failure.  I am making a goal.  Not only to read the books I have that I've wanted to read but to read the following books as well (compiled from memory as well as a list my junior english teacher supplied me with!):

Z for Zachariah
Julius Caesar
Romeo and Juliet
The Great Gatsby
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
The Scarlet Letter
The Crucible
Lord of the Flies
Catcher in the Rye
Pride and Prejudice
The Canterbury Tales

In addition to reading books I've had on my "list" for a while:
  • Earthsea Cycle
  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • Game Of Thrones series
so many books, so little time ;)  My Goodreads account is a great place to keep track of everything too!

So here is to goals...and hopefully this will be an enlightening endeavor!